Last updated: 2024-04-16

The JHipster alternative for modern Spring Boot apps

JHipster is a long established OpenSource framework to generate and run Java applications. New apps are created based on a custom syntax (JDL), which also includes the database schema.

Bootify also allows the generation of modern microservices and web applications. As with JHipster, it simplifies the creation of entities and provides CRUD functionality for the frontend and REST API. Bootify is based on a freemium model and runs completely in the browser.

What are the advantages of Bootify over JHipster?

  • Pure Spring Boot without vendor lock-in

Application development with JHipster is done with its own library and CLI to continuously maintain an application, even after the initial creation. However, this also imposes processes that must be learned and followed. Bootify generates pure Spring Boot applications following best practices, so a developer does not need to have any specific knowledge.

  • Follow your own preferences

Numerous features are available in Bootify or Spring Boot that cannot be implemented with JHipster. For example, Bootify can be used to prepare an application with Lombok or multiple modules. The frontend can be based on Thymeleaf (SSR) or Angular (SPA), using the new template syntax and recommended standalone components.

  • Start with the concept

By making a project accessible in the browser, individual preferences, database schema, REST APIs, and frontend forms can be specified before writing the first line of code. This allows to iteratively improve the concept as a team before the runnable application is downloaded.

Review your generated code in the browser

Review your generated code in the browser

  • Build prototypes for the real world

Production-focused applications are mostly not limited to pure CRUD functions, but implement actual use cases. For this purpose, custom REST APIs and forms can be designed in Bootify's Professional plan. After downloading the application, they are already prepared and you can directly start with implementing the business logic.

When should Bootify be chosen?

JHipster enables the creation of solid applications, especially if the technology is already used and established in the company. For new applications you have to evaluate if the provided features are exactly what you need - deviations from the given path in JHipster are not possible at all or only with high effort.

Using Bootify, only the exact code needed for your chosen configuration is generated, thus providing a lightweight alternative to JHipster. The application can be reviewed online by the entire team and is completely under your control once downloaded.

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