Last updated: 2024-04-19

The OpenXava alternative for state-of-the-art web apps

OpenXava is a library to develop web applications based on Java by using business components. On the basis of a centrally defined data structure the user interface is populated.

Bootify also allows the generation of Java web applications including a frontend. The resulting code is based on Spring Boot without external dependencies, easily adjustable after the download.

Why do developers choose Bootify?

  • Pure Spring Boot

Spring Boot is the industry standard in the Java space. There is a huge community and ecosystem available - there is virtually no use case where Spring Boot has no solution to offer.

  • High flexibility

Bootify allows you to choose numerous preferences, such as Gradle or Maven, Java or Kotlin, Spring Security, and so on. Work with the technologies you already know.

  • Modern Stack

The created applications are always based on the latest version of Spring Boot, currently 3.3.2. Developers love Spring Boot and all the modern technologies available with it, such as Testcontainers or spring-boot-docker-compose.

  • CRUD functionalities

For the defined database schema CRUD functionalities can be added for the REST API or the frontend. The generated prototype saves you days or weeks at the beginning of your new project.

When is Bootify an alternative to OpenXava?

Both Bootify and OpenXava are based on Java and offer a high time saving, especially at the beginning of a project. While OpenXava provides extensive UIs at runtime, Bootify generates CRUD functionalities for the REST API or for the frontend online. Bootify generates pure Spring Boot applications that fit seamlessly into modern enterprise architectures.

The paid features have a lower price point when choosing Bootify. The configuration in the browser allows the whole team to be involved even before the development starts.

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