Last updated: 2022-08-28

Jmix alternative for Rapid Application Development with Spring Boot

Jmix provides a framework and IDE to support the development of Java applications. Tools are provided for many important application aspects to shorten the development time.

With Bootify, pure Spring Boot applications can be generated online in the browser. Numerous features can be activated for the project as required: Java or Kotlin, custom database schema, integration test generation, modularization, and so on. After review by the team, the source code can be downloaded and customized without any restrictions.

Main advantages of Bootify compared to Jmix

  • Start with the concept

Bootify supports the creation of new applications directly in the browser. The database schema, REST API and frontend forms can be designed iteratively by the team - afterwards a runnable prototype is ready, so that the business logic can be implemented right away.

Defining and reviewing the database schema online

Defining and reviewing the database schema online

  • Profit from Spring Boot

As the largest framework within the JVM, Spring Boot offers extensive features and libraries that are only partially implemented by Jmix. For example with Spring Native a support for GraalVM is developed, which is available starting from version 3 also directly in Spring Boot.

  • Simplified debugging and upgrades

With the use of Spring Boot, many experienced developers and the largest community for Java applications are automatically available. New releases come out at predictable intervals with manageable changes - no major new platform releases.

  • Ensure company standards

The generated applications in Bootify can be customized with numerous options to match the preferences of one's development team. In the DevOps plan, both the Builder and the generated code can be further customized so that new applications can be seamlessly integrated into existing development processes. Feel free to get in touch for an individual assessment.

When should Bootify be chosen as a Jmix alternative?

Both Jmix and Bootify are based on a freemium model and offer time savings through Rapid Application Development. By focusing on the one-time generation of an application, Bootify is positioned at a much lower price point. Jmix, on the other hand, provides extensive features and its own IDE to support application development over the long term.

Bootify generates pure Spring Boot applications without vendor lock-in, so a developer does not need to learn new skills. A project is prepared online in the browser, iteratively improved by the team, and then available as an executable prototype. In this way, Bootify supports developers and companies that want to work with Spring Boot as the leading framework for the JVM.

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