Pricing & FAQ

Friendly pricing to add more value to your projects


Free as in free beer


No registration required

  • Feature included Spring Boot project with custom database schema
  • Feature included Thymeleaf or Angular frontend
  • Feature included CRUD functionality for your REST API or frontend
  • Feature included SQL import
  • Feature included Explore and download your code


Get the most out of it

$89 /year

Single project Unlimited plan

  • Feature included Yearly plan, unlimited projects
  • Feature included Spring Security setup with JWT, form-based login and Keycloak
  • Feature included Integration tests with Testcontainers
  • Feature included Flyway / Liquibase scripts, multi-module setup, pagination and more
  • Feature included Git integration with automatic updates
  • Feature included 30-day money back guarantee


Customization for teams

$779 /year

Boost developer experience

  • Feature included Yearly plan, unlimited projects
  • Feature included Define corporate standards by adjusting the Bootify Builder
  • Feature included Add custom files and build scripts and roll them out automatically
  • Feature included Up to 3 templates
  • Feature included 30-day money back guarantee

What developers say

Frequently asked questions

Are there any limits on the Free plan? »

No, you can create as many projects as you like (normal use) and fully explore and download your source code. With the Professional plan you can add advanced features to your project, saving you more time and money.
Please don't redistribute the generated code directly.

Why are not all the amazing features for free? »

As you may imagine, keeping Bootify up and running requires a lot of effort. We hope you find it fairly priced and like to support us on our missing: making developer's life productive and joyful.

How often can I make changes to my project? »

Each project can be modified as often as you like and downloaded in the updated version. This applies to both the Free plan and the Professional plan within the upgrade period.

What features can be expected in the future? »

Please check out our roadmap. We greatly appreciate your input.

Which kind of support is included? »

We always try to quickly respond to questions or refer you to a useful resource. A lot of help is already provided in the documentation and in the next steps. However, due to the tight calculation of prices, there is no entitlement for support. After changes to the code, new errors are particularly difficult to reproduce.

Can I have custom features beyond the DevOps plan? »

Currently the Enterprise plan is in a private Beta, providing the option for an on-premise installation, unlimited templates and customizations. Get in touch to discover how we can work together.

How does the refund work? »

If you're not satisfied with the results, just let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your money. At the end we want to make your life easier, not harder.
After a refund the code of the affected projects is not allowed to be used anymore.

Is there really free beer in the Free plan? »

Unfortunately no, it is only comparable to free beer - you don't have to pay for it. But good luck finding free beer anyway.