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Add TypeScript option for Webpack

Spring Session support

Support multiple Security Methods

Remember-me dropdown

Prepare Spring Native

Support list and map types at entities

Playwright frontend testing

Read-only page for frontend

Import of OpenAPI spec


Domain driven with technical subpackages

Database naming schema

Improve pluralization

Option for mapped superclass

Support Actuator configuration

Spring HATEOAS option

Docker Compose option

Spring Security with Keycloak

Allow unidirectional relationships

Provide frontend datepicker

Provide section for working with the code

Enrich frontend with htmx

Add CRUD search filter

Use WebJar for direct Bootstrap integration

Custom modules for multi module option


Spring Security with form based login

CRUD frontend generation

Query parameters for custom endpoints

Add RegistrationController to JWT

Support MongoDB option

Support MapStruct for DTO mapping

Upgrade to Java 17

Pagination option

Support MariaDB

Include Kotlin

Separate service and service interface

Domain-driven packages

Use ResponseEntity at controllers

Add Many-to-many relation type

Spring Security with JWT

Add integration tests

In Progress

Add Angular as a frontend option

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