Last updated: 2023-01-21

The alternative for Grails - generate modern apps in pure Spring Boot

Grails is a framework for application development based on Groovy and Spring Boot. In addition to the "Convention over Configuration" approach, numerous tools are provided for scaffolding CRUD functionalities.

Bootify provides an online tool to generate pure Spring Boot applications. In the Free plan, the database schema can be defined, for which CRUD functions can also be activated. In the Professional plan, advanced features are available to save even more man days creating the initial prototype.

Main reasons why developers choose Bootify

  • Leverage the large Spring Boot community

By using Spring Boot directly, the most widely used framework in the JVM is in use. This also provides the largest community on all issues on and around the code.

  • Simplify debugging

In application development, every developer needs to troubleshoot issues on a regular basis. Grails puts an additional layer on top of Spring Boot, extending the stack trace. Bootify generates pure Spring Boot apps, so debugging is simplified.

  • Start with the concept

With Bootify, the initial project is accessible online in the browser and can be iteratively improved by the team. When everyone is happy, the executable application can be downloaded and business logic implementation can start right away.

Add CRUD functionalities with one click in the browser

Add CRUD functionalities with one click in the browser

  • Many configuration options

Bootify offers many configuration choices to create modern microservices and web applications. You can choose between Java and Kotlin as language, between application.yml and for settings, and so on. Improve the developer experience and comply with your company standards.

When should Bootify be used as an alternative to Grails?

Grails has been established for many years, but the community as a whole is limited. For developers or companies about to launch new Grails applications, Bootify is a viable alternative: Initialize powerful prototypes with advanced features. It does not rely on Groovy and Grails, but directly follows best practices for pure Spring Boot apps.

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