Last updated: 2024-03-18

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Spring Boot Application Generator

The Bootify Builder is an application generator that can be used completely online without prior registration. Start a new project and define your preferences and custom database schema. The generated code is available as a preview first, and the executable application can be downloaded at any time.

Result of the application generator as preview

Result of the application generator as preview

The result is a pure Spring Boot app in the current version 3.3.2 that follows best practices. In the Free Plan, these features are directly available:

  • Choose your preferences like Maven or Gradle, Java or Kotlin, Lombok, and so on.
  • Create a custom database schema to generate the entities and relations for Spring Data / JPA.
  • If required, select a frontend stack based on Thymeleaf or Angular, Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS. Create a modern web application including live reload and build script integration.
  • Enable CRUD functionality as a REST API or for the frontend for any given entity.

Advanced features are available in the Professional plan to make the initial prototype even more powerful. These include integration test generation, Spring Security, changelogs for Liquibase or Flyway, multi-module projects, and so on.

Build your custom App Generator

With the DevOps Plan, the Bootify Builder and the generated code can be customized to your own company. This will provide a custom code generator that includes all the features of Bootify and always works with the latest version of Spring Boot. At the same time, custom files and build script extensions can be added. Please get in touch to discuss your individual needs.

Bootify puts the developer experience in the foreground: First, the concept of a new application including database schema and interfaces is defined in the browser. With this an executable prototype is available, which meets the corporate standards and is directly integrated into the existing infrastructure.

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