Last updated: 2024-04-22

A contemporary alternative to Vaadin - using popular frontend libraries

Vaadin mainly provides a framework for frontend development. The code can be written directly in Java or Kotlin and is translated for the browser so that a developer only needs to know one language. With Hilla, the UI can alternatively be developed on the basis of React.

Bootify is a tool for generating modern Spring Boot applications completely in the browser. In addition to numerous features, Thymeleaf or Angular can be selected for the frontend.

What advantages does Bootify offer over Vaadin?

  • Full application development

With Bootify, a complete prototype can be generated on the basis of pure Spring Boot. Create your custom database schema including @MappedSuperclass and relations. Select developer preferences such as Gradle or Maven, Kotlin or Java with Lombok, application.yml or and so on - best practices included.

  • Low learning curve

With Thymeleaf (server-side rendering) or Angular (single page application), Bootify offers two very popular libraries for the frontend, both of which have a huge community. For styling, either Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS can be used. Customizations and extensions are made by the programmer after the download.

  • Improve the concept in iterations

The generated application can be reviewed and changed in the browser at any time. This allows the team to improve the initial version of the application before starting the actual development.

Reviewing an Angular CRUD component

Reviewing an Angular CRUD component

  • Better scalability

Due to the rendering happening on the server, it is recommended for Vaadin to use session replication as little as possible. This makes scaling issues more complex, where Spring Session can be used for pure Spring Boot applications. Hilla does not have this limitation, but no longer offers the advantage of developing everything in one programming language.

When Bootify is an alternative to Vaadin?

Vaadin has been available for many years and offers mature options for frontend development. Bootify is primarily an alternative if a pure Spring Boot stack with widely used libraries is preferred. In this case, Bootify can generate a modern application in just a few moments that exactly meets your requirements. With the Professional plan, advanced features such as Spring Security can be included.

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