Last updated: 2023-09-22

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Scaffolding your custom Spring Boot application

Bootify is a scaffolding tool for modern Spring Boot applications. It generates the general application skeleton according to your preferences. Moreover, a custom database schema with tables and relations can be created, with optional CRUD operations for REST API or frontend.

Only the code that is actually needed for the selected setup is generated. The application is based exclusively on Spring Boot without external dependencies - best practices included.

Start an individual project

Scaffolding your Spring Boot application starts directly in the browser without registration - just start project. First you can choose the general settings like Gradle or Maven, Java or Kotlin, Lombok and the optional frontend stack. In the second section the database is selected - from Postgres to MongoDB to Oracle all common DBMS are supported.

Selection of application and database settings

Selection of application and database settings

The last section contains additional developer preferences, e.g. you can choose whether the packages should be divided technically (controller, service, etc.) or domain-driven (one package per table).

Create your database

In the next step the desired database schema can be created in the Entity Tab. If the schema already exists, the SQL import can be used directly. Otherwise the tables including their primary keys as well as their relations among each other are defined here. Bootify will generate the JPA / Hibernate entities, including annotations, suitable for the selected database.

UML Preview of our created schema

UML Preview of our created schema

At the entities there is the possibility to enable CRUD functionality for the REST API or the selected frontend stack. All required controllers and templates are then added to the codebase.

Review and download of the code

This way, the scaffolded prototype is available after just a few minutes! The code can first be reviewed online in the browser and shared with the team. After the download, the application can be imported into the preferred IDE and implementation of business logic can start right away.

Reviewing the generated MVC controller of our app

Reviewing the generated MVC controller of our app

Advanced features in the Professional plan

The Professional plan can be activated for a single project or the entire account. This will unlock advanced features:

  • Pagination and search filters for CRUD functions
  • Spring Security with Form-Login, JWT or Keycloak via OIDC
  • Integration tests, multi-module setup and more

Bootify allows scaffolding Spring Boot applications with maintainable, minimalistic code - directly in the browser, best practices included.

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