Last updated: 2024-04-19

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Custom Template for your Spring Boot App

With Bootify you can create an individual template for your Spring Boot application. Numerous features are available, which are added to the source code exactly as required. How can you create your Spring Boot template?

Preferences and database schema

After starting your project general specifications can be made first in the General Tab: Java or Kotlin, enable Lombok, choose Angular or Thymeleaf as a frontend stack and so on. Select between technical, domain oriented or mixed package structure.

Choice of database and preferences

Choice of database and preferences

In the Entities tab the database schema for the selected database can then be created. This will generate the JPA / Hibernate entities with the annotations for fields and relations from the schema. If the CRUD option has been activated for the REST API or for your frontend, additional services and controllers are added to the code.

Editing an entity

Editing an entity

With the Professional plan, extended features for your Spring Boot template are available. These include Spring Security (JWT, form-based login or Keycloak via OIDC), integration tests including Testcontainers, pagination and much more.

Customizable Templates in the DevOps Plan

In the DevOps plan the Bootify Builder itself can be customized. This allows to configure the options in such a way that the generated application always corresponds to the environment of the company. Any custom files can be added to the template. Special hooks are available to extend the build files at the required points.

With Bootify, the Developer Experience is in the focus: the created Spring Boot template saves a lot of time by providing components that are needed over and over again. At the same time, the code is free of external dependencies and avoids unnecessary overhead.

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