Last updated: 2024-03-18

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Spring Boot CRUD Generator

Bootify is an application generator for Spring Boot. For each entity the CRUD option for the REST API or the frontend can be activated to add services, controllers and required templates to the generated code. The result is a runnable Spring Boot application in the current version 3.3.1 - all files can be copied out separately if needed.

Project setup

A project can be started directly in the browser without registration with start project. First the general preferences can be selected in the General Tab. Supported are Kotlin and Java as language, Maven or Gradle for the build and numerous other settings. All popular databases like MySQL or Postgres are supported.

In the Entities Tab the tables and their relations among each other can be created. If the schema already exists, the SQL import can also be used here. For each table for which the CRUD operations should be generated, the corresponding checkbox must be activated. Only if a frontend stack is selected, the CRUD option is available for the frontend.

Activating the CRUD options at the entity

Activating the CRUD options at the entity

Generate CRUD operations

If the CRUD option has been enabled for the REST API, a RestController and a Service will be generated in addition to the repository. Input validation and a generic exception handling for the REST API is provided as well.

If the CRUD option has been enabled for a Thymeleaf frontend, the Service is also available. A classic MVC Controller is added on top, along with the templates in the resources/templates folder. Besides the layout, there are also some Themeleaf fragments for repetitive sections. The styling is based on Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS, depending on your selection. Some additional helpers are provided in the class WebUtils.

If the CRUD option has been enabled for an Angular frontend, the components for list, add and edit are added to the source code. Each component connects to the correcesponding REST API of the entity, so it is required in this case.

List view of the generated CRUD frontend

List view of the generated CRUD frontend

Bootify provides all CRUD options in the Free plan, online without registration. In the Professional plan additional features are unlocked, like adding Spring Security, using MapStruct as a mapper or Pagination for the list view.

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