Last updated: 2024-02-23

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Bootstrapping your Spring Boot Prototype

The Bootify Builder allows bootstrapping of individual applications, in other words, fast development of modern, complex prototypes based on Spring Boot. In addition to the database schema, a REST API, a frontend and many other functions can be included.

Bootstrap is also the name for a CSS framework and can be selected as an option for the frontend in the Bootify Builder. This provides a web app where Bootstrap is integrated using WebJars or Webpack.

Select preferences and create database schema

Bootstrapping should avoid time-consuming, repetitive work by the developer without producing unnecessary overhead. Bootify makes this possible by a targeted selection of the required functions.

First, general preferences can be set in the General Tab: Java or Kotlin, Gradle or Maven, the frontend stack, the desired database and much more. The generated code will contain only the code needed for the selected options.

In the Entities Tab, the tables and their relationships to each other can be created. The tables of an existing schema can be created using the SQL import. For each entity CRUD functionality can be enabled for a REST API or for the frontend if required.

Editing an entity in the browser

Editing an entity in the browser

Explore and improve

The generated source code can be viewed directly in the browser. This enables consultation with the team before the actual programming begins, and step-by-step improvement. When everyone is satisfied, the bootstrapped prototype can be downloaded and implementation of the business logic can start right away.

The Professional plan offers advanced features to save additional time. These include Spring Security, integration tests with Testcontainers, multi-module setup and much more.

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