Last updated: 2022-03-07

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Creating a testing setup

In the Testing tab, any project can be selected as the test base. This can be configured in further variants to download all variants at once in a zip archive.

It is recommended to unpack this zip in an internal pipeline (e.g. in GitLab) and build all contained projects. This ensures that in case of code or version updates the current code state is executable and new projects start without errors.

An example script could look like this:

Testing properties

By creating testing properties, additional versions of the base project can be added to the zip file. Each group defines an additional version of the project to which all test properties of this group are applied. The group name is used as a project suffix.

Each property references a field (including custom options) and a value assigned to it. When the custom options are changed, the test properties are also updated, but these settings should reviewed afterwards to make sure the setup isn't outdated.

Selecting the test base and defining further variants

Selecting the test base and defining further variants