Last updated: 2023-11-08

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Quickstart (DevOps plan)

The DevOps plan allows larger teams and companies to customize the Bootify Builder as well as the generated code exactly to their needs. This optimizes the process of building new applications, to comply with corporate standards and improve the developer experience. All the features of the Free and Professional plan are included.

Builder Config

Configure the regular options of the Bootify Builder to fit your company's tech stack. Hide or reduce the options (e.g. the list of databases) and set your own default values for new projects. Add your custom dependencies and preselect them.

Custom Options

Extend the Builder with your own options. The types available are Checkbox, Radio, Select and Text. The values entered by the developer into the project can then be used in the following areas to customize the generated code.

Property Extensions

Add your own properties to the application.yml / of your projects. The value as well as the optional condition are evaluated as a SpEL expression.

Custom Files

Upload a zip archive with your own files that can be added to the source code of the generated projects. By means of a .bootify configuration file, conditions can be defined which files are relevant for the respective project. Files can also be templates to customize their content depending on the regular and custom options. Read more

Build Extensions

The build files (pom.xml / build.gradle / build.gradle.kts) can be extended using explicit hooks. These are read from the buildExtensions folder of the zip archive as templates and integrated into the build files.

Testing Setup

A test project can be created and explicitly configured in different variants. These variants can be downloaded via a central, external link to ensure the continuous functioning of the current code state in a company-internal pipeline.

Multiple Templates

All the above options can be configured in the DevOps plan for up to 3 templates. This will prepare the contained projects specifically as different application types or for different clients. Please contact us if you have any further needs.

With these functionalities, a comprehensive DevOps tool is available to centralize the creation of new Spring Boot applications and microservices. In addition to the classes generated by Bootify, all important code fragments are maintained and developers can directly start with the implementation.

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