Last updated: 2022-03-07

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Adjust existing features of the Bootify Builder

In the Builder Config tab the features coming from the Free and Professional plan are managed.

Configuration of dependencies and regular options

Configuration of dependencies and regular options


In the first field custom dependencies can be added for the company, which are then available in the dependencies area at the projects. Here the gradle format is expected, e.g. myCompany:coreLib:1.0. The version is optional. As it is possible to add custom repositories via the Build Extensions, any internal library can be included here.

In the second field those dependencies can be specified, which should be preselected for new projects.

Manage regular options

In the following areas the regular options of the Builder can be managed. The available values can be reduced and the default value for new projects can be defined. If there is a company-wide rule for an option (e.g. Kotlin only) and deviations are not desired, an option can be hidden completely.

Changes here will have no effect on the settings of existing projects. As long as a project has a deviating value, the respective option is still visible for this project.